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Images reflect sand sculpture service of the Sultans of Sand.
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   If you would like information on how to become involved in this or any sand sculpture event sanctioned by the Sultans Of Sand ...

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Rich Varano

Phone: (407) 363 S.A.N.D. [7263]

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Varano Sand Sculpture Company / The Sultans of Sand currently facilitates in one way or another, five annual events around the world, and countless other special events involving sand sculpture. From amateur contests to Pro Masters Class International Art Shows, to Team Building seminars and Educational classes/workshops & private instruction. We can offer Public relations and Media Attention, Marketing Strategies, and Educational elements for any aspect of operations.
Sand sculpture is a unique and captivating medium, well suited to broad band demographics. It is good clean fun for the entire family as passive entertainment or for active "hands-on" involvement.

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