Varano Sand Sculpture Company  LLC
the "Sultans 0f S
and Worldwide"
07 December to 02 February
at Piazza Marconi
on the Jesolo lido.
Venice, Italy

Jesolo Sand Nativity

The 12th annual edition
of the Jesolo Sand Nativity
"Piazza Bethlehem

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"Simply elegant" is a way this edition of the show has been described.
But to be sure, it was far from simple to execute. It features a perspective aspect that comprises the largest part of the overall effect.
 This had to be done just so, or the entire effect would fall flat.
I am delighted to report we had no such problems.
To pull it all off, required this time, -perhaps more than ever before, the concerted efforts of 12 of the best artists working in the industry of modern commercial sand sculpture today.

& I am very happy to say, this version of the team really nailed it.

  In spite of the decades of experience and 'mad skilz' these accomplished artisans hold collectively and as individual craftspersons, the end result was a fully collaborative work.
It was  designed as well as mostly directed by the esteemed Mr. Damon Farmer, of Versailles, Kentucky.
But as usual, the help of the art students laboring for us in exchange for college credit, and the dedication and hard work of the Jesolo Patrimonio group, allowed for us to realize in the end result, a sand opera of the highest quality.
 Well on a par for what the city of Jesolo has come to be known for.

A hearty thanks to all.
But not least of which is the continued support of the city and the mayor of same, Valerio Zoggia.

With a special thanks to my assistant (the real boss) Dr. Elena Lana.

Grazie Tutti!

~Rich Varano

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Another fine exhibition of world class sand sculpture by Varano Sand Sculpture Company  LLC
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