Jesolo Sand Sculpture Festival,
Venice Italy

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Jesolo 1999 Second edition "Artists Choice" (No theme)
Jesolo 1998 First edition 
"Artists Choice" (No theme)

A little back history about how the Jesolo event came to be and evolved to what it is:
  In 1998 the esteemed Ms. Sandy Feet contacted me about participating in an event in Jesolo Italy. I was happy to attend.
 There, I met Dr. Massimo Ambrosin, and the now-Mayor of Jesolo in Venice county, Italy, Francesco Calzavera. At the time Francesco was the director of tourism for Jesolo, and Massimo was the then current mayors executive secretary. After the first years contest, which I won, the city contacted me about working with them for fostering their event in the future. Of course I immediately contacted Sandy and told her that her client was asking me to work for them instead of her. In this business you just don't take jobs you know were done by another sand sculptor unless you get approval (well, at least I don't).  Sandy said that she appreciated my letting her know, but said she had a sense they were not interested in working with her, but that it was ok if I did work with them. A most admirable trait in any sand sculptor, but decidedly so in retrospect being the event has grown to be one of the finer events in the world. Of course the producers have everything to do with success because they are the ones to fund the show. But, I like to think my own considerable input on the look and feel of the show as well as the technical and social aspects for the carvers and audience, that I too made it become the excellent show that it is. And I am thankful ever to Sandy for green- lighting me to go forward with the producers to make the show what it has become. She has communicated to me some misgivings about letting the event go since then, but I am not sure how it may have been different since the producers specifically wanted to work with me. Had I declined purely on my friendship with Sandy, I don't think either one of us would have been directing the show and it would necessarily be different than it is today (for better or worse) from what it has now become.
 I am inviting Sandy back to Jesolo to visit the event as a special guest for next summer's edition which marks the 10th anniversary of the show. I know it is a rather small token for what the event has come to be and mean so dearly to me after all these years. but I hope she will except it on the genuine spirit of sand camaraderie that it is being offered.
~Rich Varano,
July 02, 2006

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