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Beauty and the beast
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Beauty & the Beast  This was the winning sculpture in the 2007 "Tournament of Champions." This "Grandmasters" competition held annually in British Columbia was only open to previous medal winners from the prior two decades editions of the World Championships of Sand Sculpture. The show featured 18 international teams of two master sculptors, each.  With this design, Rich Varano defended his first place title (previously w/ Fralich 2006) by selecting  Pavel Zadanyuk of Moscow, as his partner. Zadanyuk is classically trained in the Russian school of art, and has also won numerous other international awards.
 Specs: The sculpture was 33 tons, ten feet tall, and took five days to sculpt (68 man hours). An additional 16 man hours was needed for pre sculpting prep work. It was on display for four months. 
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  International Grandmaster Sand Sculpting Champions Zadanuk (left) & Varano.
Pavel & Rich
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Below: Detail of Pavel's exquisite work.

  In 2008, Varano has selected another good friend and accomplished sculptor, Katsuhiku Chaen, of Kaseda Japan as his partner. They will go to this event in May, continuing with the the fantasy series with the sculpture: "KNIGHTFALL" (The coming of the darkness). Click here to see a thumbnail sketch of the general idea.
 The piece will depict the rescued but obviously distressed, princess who is holding the dying knight (who just saved her from the unseen dragon) in her arms.