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Examples of some various sizes of sand sculptures.
bigger yet
even bigger
even bigger yet
 Tabletop - Micro
Tabletop - Petite
Small - 5 tons
Medium 12 tons
Large - 25 tons
Bigger - 50 tons
Real big
Here you can  see examples of sand sculptures ranging in size from just a few buckets of sand, up to thousands of tons.

The sculpting quality of sand for any size sand sculpture is always an issue. We can generally work in just about anything, but for sure, good sand gets you a tall, cool sand castle. Poor quality sand will yield a turtle.  The good news is, good quality sculpting sand can be found just about everywhere.
The examples here are all castles, which by nature will generally yield the tallest and most detailed sculptures in the available sand and time.
But any subject, theme or logo may be created. See examples of other types of sculptures in the SAMPLES PHOTO GALLERIES

Varano Sand Sculpture Company LLC
Sultans OSand Worldwide
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