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~In conjunction with the City of Jesolo Presents~
The Jesolo International Sand Sculpture Exhibition
Opens each June in Jesolo & runs through September.
Always with a new theme.

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2008 update
updated Due to the global pandemic, the summer show for 2020 in Jesolo has been canceled. See you in November!
Jesolo 2018 ~ 22cnd edition. Theme:  Leonardo   logo
 Jesolo 2018 ~ 21st edition. Theme:  Dinosaurs! logo
Jesolo 2017 ~ 20th edition. Theme:  60 Years Of Peace 2017 logo
Jesolo 2016 ~ 19th edition. Theme:  European Capitals no image yet
Jesolo 2015 ~ 18th edition.  La Grande Guerra (The Great War)
Jesolo 2014 ~ 17th edition.  Sculpture In The Street  

Jesolo 2013 16th edition The Italian Renaissance
Vitruvian sand

Jesolo 2012 15th edition The Splendor of Venice

Jesolo 2011 14th edition The European Sand Sculpting Championship logo
Jesolo 2010 13th edition
Jesolo 2009 12th edition "Dante's Inferno"

Jesolo 2008 11th edition  "China & the Olympics"
China & Olympics sand sculpture web page

Jesolo 2007  10th Anniversary Edition  "The Wild West"
Jesolo 2006 Ninth Edition "Visions Of Africa" 
Jesolo 2005 Eighth Edition "Hollywood"

Jesolo 2004 Seventh Edition*  "Ancient Egypt"  

Jesolo 2003 Sixth Edition "Ancient Rome"

Jesolo 2002 Fifth Edition  "Excalibur"

Jesolo 2001 Fourth Edition  "Alice In Wonderland"   yu
Jesolo 2000 Third Edition  "Artists Choice/No Theme"   5
Jesolo 1999 Second Edition 

"Artists Choice/No Theme"

Jesolo 1998 First Edition 

"Artists Choice/No Theme"

Occasionally featuring a second unit creating another promotional display in a targeted location concurrently....
There you can see 17 annual editions of the story surrounding the birth of Jesus, as rendered in the captivating and delicate medium of sand sculpture!

Between the two annual events here in Jesolo in summer and winter, that is over 39 major displays.
Plus another 17 or so, smaller promo pieces having been created for the city (some in other countries) resulting in 50 + installations.
some of which feature dozens of individual sculptures. ~ Lots to see here.

* Conceptual art and designs for "ANCIENT EGYPT"
                     by Associate Sultanate Damon Farmer of:
 Shadetree Studio shadetreelogo

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Another fine exhibition of world class sand sculpture.
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