Dune Builders
Coastal Resource Management

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Restoration and renourishment of beach dunes and native plants.
Coastal  rehabilitation and shoreline redevelopment, including complete upland renewal.
Specializing in the reintroduction of indigenous coastal plants using  the Aquanet Irrigation System (AIS).
We can assure the lowest mortality rate of reintroduced beach plants available in the industry today, period.

In fact,

WE CAN replace your washed out dunes at your beach house, or revitalize the shoreline for your entire community.

Restoring sand dunes, planting new vegetation and irrigating sand areas landward of the high tide zone of coastlines is what we do.
Specializing in replacing lost beach front or river front land mass eroded by storms or the passing of time, & featuring a highly efficient system of directed and regulated irrigation that also allows for strict water conservation methods as well. This radically cuts down on traditionally expected new-plant mortality rate of reintroduced coastal vegetation.
~ Proven effective!

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