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Martijn Rijerse
Martijn Rijerse
   Martijn has been invited many times to be a player on the wrecking crew, but has never before been able to participate... until now.
 We are exceedingly happy he finally could. We are equally pleased if not mores so, with his inaugural piece for the SOS brand.
A sculpture representing the Grand Eye of The Universe focused on the rapid advancement of humanity through the window of technology that is the Large Hadron Collider at CERN ...The realm of the God Particle

  His wife has performed (admirably) numerous times already at both our summer and winter shows
. And we hope they may return together one day, as when they work together the make magic happen. I have seen this more than once at the World Championships and the World Grand Master Championships.
Martijn is a world class carver I have been wanting to have on one of our crews for many years. We welcome him to the group.

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