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Gianni Bottan 
- Italy
Cappo di Sabbia (boss of the sand)
Gianni Bottan -Jesolo, Italy
Gianni Botan
 b. December 27, 1952

    Everything in life needs a good foundation upon which to build from. This is never more true than in the art of sand sculpting.
Be it a small, fun, day-piece at the beach, or a major installation of colossal size and proportions.
 Gianni Bottan has been instrumental in seeing to it that all the engineering of the poundups in the field at Jesolo is done to optimum standards, for a couple of decades.
 Being responsible for over twenty shows and many thousands of tons of sand, in dozens of configurations of poundups, to be readied for the artists to carve.
  He is extremely able and capable. And as a naturally critical thinker, he has the ability to solve would-be technical problems on the fly, to the extent that they never really become problems at all.   
 He is one of the most important people responsible for the ultimate success of the finished operations.
Grazie, amico mio!

cappo di sabbia
Rich Varano, Art Director (L) & Gianni (the mountain) Bottan. Chief Field Engineer

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