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~ Proudly Presenting the ~
Jesolo International Sand Sculpting Festival 2002

5th Edition Theme:
Excalibur - The Sword In The Stone

A Magical Journey Into The Realm of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table
Formerly: Castelli Di Mare (Castles of the Sea)
A sand sculpture event including:
An Exhibition, Workshop/lessons,  a Pro/Am Competition, Photographic exposition and Merchandise outlet

Produced by: the City of Jesolo, Venice, Italy.

Directed by: Sultans of Sand Worldwide Sand Sculpture Services Co.

Jesolo International Sand Sculpting Festival.

     Jesolo Lido:  June 20-30, 2002. See a captivating art form turn thousands of tons of sand into dramatic scenes of heroic proportions depicting the fantasy art of numerous professional sand sculptors from around the globe. Spectators may also take part in workshops and lessons from the pros and later compete in an amateur contest as well . A Photographic Exhibition features images from past years editions of this, Italy's premier sand sculpting event and one of the finest shows of it's kind anywhere in the world.. A merchandising outlet provides an opportunity to buy souvenir postcards, posters, T shirts, etc. There is also a special one day postal cancel at the merchandise outlet. Admission is free.
  Sand Sculpting Exhibition:
   In the year 2002 fifth edition, the sculptures on the massive exhibition display piece reflect many of the elements of the story of  The Sword In The Stone From the theme made popular in folklore, literature, films and in the imagination and dreams of lovers of fantasy art. Including knights in shining armor and damsels in distress. As well as wizards, fierce warriors and daunting dragons. Even gnomes, elves, dwarves, fairies and other fantasy creatures delight and mesmerize children and adults alike. These elements and more surround the colossal fantasy castle of Camelot high upon a rocky craig.

   The Jesolo International Sand Sculpting Championships:  Takes place during this annual festival. Competition dates are: June 25-29. Eight of the brightest stars in the world of professional sand sculpting from around the world create another set of sculptures apart from the exhibition. Showcasing the artists unique ability in sculpting the fine sand grains of the Jesolo lido. These additional sculptures may possibly also reflect the event theme, but are otherwise entirely the expressions of the master sculptors creating them. You are sure to notice the distinctive style and flare of these magnificent artists as they vie for cash prizes while you tour the area to view the sculptures being created right in front of your eyes. -You can even vote for your favorite sculpture in the ever popular "Peoples Choice Award".

     Bring the entire family to see the fantastic sand sculpture art, or be a part of the fun!

   Want to learn?  Some of the basic techniques of how to start your own sand sculpture will be taught for young and old alike. Join us for the "Sandcastles 101"  workshops, given at scheduled times during the show week.
  Want to compete? Enter the amateur sand sculpting contest along the waters edge on Sunday June 30, testing your hand against others for fun and prizes!
Interested in more? View the photo gallery on site, from previous years editions of the event. Buy souvenir T-shirts, postcards, posters and more. Send a card directly from the event site with the very unique one day postal cancel that features the event logo.

  Be a part of the magic!
Come to Jesolo each summer for the current edition of
Jesolo International Sand Sculpting Festival.
Formerly known as:
Castelli Di Mare
(Castles of the Sea )

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