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   Welcome to the 7th annual Sultans Of Sand summer show in Italy.  The event is produced by our hosts in Italy, the City of Jesolo. Dr Massimo Ambrosin: Executive Producer.

  The members of the select crew of international master sand sculptors for this show:

  • Katsuhiko Chaen  - Japan
  • Lars Borst  - Holland
  • Sergio Ramirez - Spain
  • Mark Anderson - England
  • Alexie Diakov  - Russia


  • Vladimir Kurev - Russia
  • Radek Zivney  -  Czeck Republic
  • John Gowdy - USA
  • Damon Farmer - USA
  • Rich Varano  - USA


  This year there are a couple of major changes. First, it is now strictly a commercial job that I hire artists for, and not a paid exhibition with an additional contest element for the International Masters. This allows me to direct the show more specifically. Particularly as to how the designs are executed for the display.

   This year all the designs and drawings for the Ancient Egypt show were done by Senior Conceptual Designer, Damon Farmer: I have worked with Damon for many years, and his work is a great contribution to any show. This year he is responsible for look of the show in terms of the subject of each sculpture, and how they are laid out under the tent. 

To see Damon's own cool web site go here:

aed-layout4.jpg (111081 bytes)  

The floor plan, sculpture sketches and some online visual reference materials.

  You can familiarize yourself with these drawings, and do any research you like for the sculpting from the web sites I have listed. Print out what you like. There will be some visual reference materials available on site for you to look at, but it is all common stuff from library books and the internet. So, if you want to get a head start on the research, you can now get an idea of what we will be creating on the beach.

  By now everyone should have their tickets arranged with the travel office so that you will be picked up at the airport in Venice. If not, please let me know immediately.

IF you own a Sultans Of Sand shirt, please bring it with you for picture day. 

I look forward to seeing you all in Jesolo soon.

Yours in Sand, Rich Varano

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