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XIX "The Beatitudes"
at Jesolo in Venice &  XX "The Birth Of Jesus" at Matera, in Southern Italy
 November 09, 2019 -  January 13, 2020

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 Welcome to the Event Home Page for the 19th & 20h editions of the Jesolo Sand Nativity being created in 2019.
One in Jesolo as always, and one in historic Matera, in the south of Italy in the Basilicata region.

From here you can see various images, for both shows featuring some of the worlds best sand sculptors.

city of Jesolo in Venice county was the first in Italy to provide a large public nativity in sand.

Their's is one of the oldest and finest traditions of such a unique presentation (in sand) for the typical nativity displays anywhere
JESOLO SHOW (first unit)
We are rendering the Beatitudes from Jesus christ's Sermon on the Mount, this year.
Ten international sand sculptors will create nine sculptures in Jesolo. See the artists in the 
CREW menu tab.
Sultans Of Sand Worldwide Sand Sculptures
MATERA SHOW (second unit)
In Matera, at the opposite end of Italy, we are rendering four classic
scenes  by three sculptors...   

Sultans Of Sand Worldwide Sand Sculptures
*updated This site was updated: April 22, 2020 Ad. But is as yet unfinished, please come back soon.  
*updated This site was updated: April 22, 2020 Ad. But is as yet unfinished, please come back soon.  
Additionally, Damon Farmer paints scenic backdrops for the show in Jesolo.
Damon Farmer
To see images of the paintings or the sculptures click on the above menu tab for
 Sultans Of Sand Worldwide Sand Sculptures
   We are grateful to the Jesolo producers for hosting us again as ever, and for the opportunity to once again showcase our works in sand.
 As a group, we hope you the viewing audience will enjoy seeing the end result of our show as much as we enjoy creating it for you.

 Our second show is in the courtyard of a historic building in Old Matera, one of the world's oldest cities.
We remind you to visit us in Piazza Brescia on the Jesolo  lido next spring and summer,
 for the 23rd edition of the Jesolo International Sand Sculpture Festival event.
 The working idea for the theme will be announced soon.

We hope you can come out to see the works for either the winter or summer shows in person.
 But if you can't make it to Jesolo, check the progress and see the finished works here online.
Click here to see a video of  one of the past editions of the nativity show.
The Jesolo Sand Nativity 2019 The Beatitudes
Director’s statement
  Everyone in the Christian faith is at least familiar with the Ten Commandments, which are the word of God given to Moses to be shared with the faithful, though maybe not everyone can accurately recall or recite all ten.

  Perhaps less familiar, but still in the common awareness to a degree, are the blessings Jesus himself told to the people at the Sermon on the Mount, and in doing so bestowed to all people. These blessings are known as the Beatitudes.
  Instead of being restrictive as the Ten Commandments sometimes are, with all the “thou shall” or “thou shalt not” directives, the words of Jesus that make up the beatitudes are simple affirmations.
 They are prayers of positivity and happy outcomes for all people living life, day by day, regardless of their station or condition, or anything else.

  These concepts still, can be a bit abstract to render in sculpture, not to mention a bit interpretive depending on one’s own perceptions. So when I assigned the artists their blessing that Jesus made so long ago, to sculpt those ideas in the sand today,  I wanted the artists to also convey what they themselves intended or meant with their respective individual renderings, in a brief artist’s statement to accompany each sculpture which you will read on the signs by the sculptures.
 Together, the text and the sculpture make for some very emotionally charged and elegant pieces.

  We hope that besides providing the typical sculptural entertainment, we may also provide the viewer with something deeper to think about, which is the Love, that is Jesus Christ.
With much gratitude,
Rich Varano
Art director
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Another fine exhibition of world class sand sculpture
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