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  Welcome to the Event Home Page for the 22cnd edition of the Jesolo International Sand Sculpture Festival. The theme this year is  the Genius of Leonardo.  Combined with our sister show the Sand Nativity, which is the second show we produce annually here each year, it marks the 33rd major sand exhibition we have featured here in this fine city, and over the 50th sand sculpture operation for the  Jesolo Sand Sculpture Festivals overall. (some were in other cities and some, in other countries)  Jesolo has become known as one of the longest established & finest such shows in the European theater, and indeed, all the world.
 From here you can see up to date images, and get info about this fine sand sculpture show featuring some of the worlds best sand sculptors.

 The show this year features seven different original scenes rendered by a team of five international master sand sculptors,  beginning on 18 May, the artists will be working daylight hours (08:30 - 18:30), completing the sculpting phase on 28, May 2019. The lighted sculptures may be viewed in the daytime or after dark until the end of the season next September.
Admission to the park is free. The works will be on view as they are being created and on display until the end of the summer. The sand show is the anchor for various other entertainment provided by Jesolo Turismo in the park through the summer. Many thousands of visitors to the Jesolo lido will view the spectacle at Piazza Brescia, on Via Bafile.
We hope you can come out to see the works being created, in person. But if not, check the progress and see the finished works here online. You can also "Like" Sultans Of Sand Worldwide on Facebook, to keep up with past, present and future projects.

Mission Statement
The genius of Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci, better known simply as Leonardo Da Vinci. Is a gift of the mind and its incredible abilities, to the world, & on a level only a very few people in all of recorded history ever come close to achieving.
 Still, Leonardo was above and beyond most others in that he was so diverse in his many areas of interest and specialization, even if like some of the other great thinkers, he was very advanced for his own time period.

In this the 22cnd edition of the Jesolo Sand Sculpture Exhibition, we honor the memory of the great maestro by reflecting on just a few of his many eclectic areas of expertise. From his knowledge of anatomy, to his reflections on war and it’s machinations, to his artistic achievements where he sometimes pushed the envelope of contemporary politics and religion, by portraying mythology in the face of the prevailing religious dogma of the era, to his creative genius in the realm of engineering and invention.

Five hundred years after his death, we still regard Leonardo as one of the milestone personalities in the shaping of humanity as we know it today. We can but wonder what he would accomplish if he had the tools of technology and innovation at his disposal that we now take for granted. Or who and when the next great genius on his level may appear on the world stage, and where those new and exciting ideas might take us on this planet…or on others?
Rich Varano
Artistic director for Jesolo Sand Events
May 20, 2019

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Another fine exhibition of world class sand sculpture.
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