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"Bible Stories"
at Jesolo in Venice & "The Birth Of Jesus" at St. Peter's Square in the Vatican
 December 02, 2018 -  February 10, 2019

  Welcome to the Event Home Page for the 17th & 18th editions of the Jesolo Sand Nativity.
One in Jesolo, and one at the Vatican at the same time.  
city of Jesolo in Venice county was the first in Italy to provide a large public nativity in sand.
 Theirs is one of the oldest and finest such shows anywhere.

Sultans Of Sand Worldwide Sand Sculptures
From here you can see various images, for both shows featuring some of the worlds best sand sculptors.
We are rendering some iconic Bible stories at the Jesolo show this year.
Nine international master sand sculptors will create seven sculptures in Jesolo.

Click Here to see a 3-D walk through of the current show...
This sculpture in Jesolo was designed by Ilya Filimontsev & is featured at both venues.
Sultans Of Sand Worldwide Sand Sculptures
Two crews of 3 artists each, work together sculpting these
Damon Farmer painted nine other Old Testament scenes to compliment the sculptures in Jesolo.
Damon Farmer
To see images of the paintings or the sculptures click on the above menu tab for
   We are grateful to the Jesolo producers for hosting us again, and the opportunity to once again showcase our works in sand.
 As a group, we hope you the viewing audience member will enjoy seeing the end result of our show as much as we enjoy creating it for you.
2018 Jesolo sand Nativity Crew
This year, we also created a Nativity in front of Saint Peters Basilica in the Vatican by three other members of our team in a second unit.

Sultans Of Sand Worldwide Sand Sculptures
We remind you to visit us in Piazza Brescia on the Jesolo  lido next spring and summer,
 for the 22cnd edition of the Jesolo International Sand Sculpture Festival event.
 The working idea for the theme will be an undersea motif.

We hope you can come out to see the works for either the winter or summer shows in person.
 But if you can't make it to Jesolo, check the progress and see the finished works here online.
Click here to see a video of  one of the past editions of the nativity show.
   For the 17th edition of the Jesolo Sand Nativity, we have taken inspiration for the sculptures and the paintings directly from some of the dramatic and emotional Bible stories of the Old Testament, as well as the iconic scene of Adam and Even in the Garden, and of course the final crescendo piece in the opera which is as ever, related to the Birth of Jesus.
  The morality lessons each one of these ages-old stories provides, has acted as beacons of guiding light for people to live by continuously over the centuries. And still the challenges of life and conflicts abound. 
  In spite of these things, if we maintain faith, we can be sure that where there is life, there is always hope.
  The word and the light; grace and truth, are as relevant today as ever they were, and in the way of peace and love, may all peoples live as one.
  2018 is the year we also finally realize he commission that was granted three years ago, for Jesolo to provide the nativity scene at the Vatican, in over 700 tons of sand.
   A second unit of three artists will create the Birth of Jesus scene there, on a colossal scale using three quarters of the total amount of sand used in the display here on the Jesolo lido, and more than one third again as much time is allotted for the Vatican team to create just that one massive sculpture scene there.
  That design is the progenitor idea for the smaller version of it that has also been rendered here in Jesolo. But the grander scale of the same design at the Vatican is more suited to the sweeping scale and scope of Saint Peter's Square. (It’s really big)

  Quite apart from the rest of the sculptures and the paintings for the opera, and in spite of the challenges humanity endures as we progress through time and space, even with two copies of the magnificent crescendo piece, it is ever with gratitude for all that we have, that our wish (prayer) remains that the world can live as one.

Rich Varano
Art director
Sultans Of Sand Worldwide
November 25, 2018

Locations of the charities Jesolo contributes to.

Thank you & see you in the sand,

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