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Jesolo's Jurassic Park
 May 21 through September 2018

  Welcome to the Event Home Page for the 21st edition of the Jesolo International Sand Sculpture Festival. Combined with our sister show the Sand Nativity, which is the second show we produce annually here each year, it marks the 32cnd major sand exhibition we have featured here in this fine city, and over the 50th sand sculpture operation for the  Jesolo Sand Sculpture Festivals overall. (some were in other cities and some, in other countries)  Jesolo has become known as one of the oldest and finest such shows in the European theater, and indeed, all the world.
 From here you can see up to date images, and get info about this fine sand sculpture show featuring some of the worlds best sand sculptors.
   The theme of  the show this year is "DINOSAURS" four different original concepts by a team of five international master sand sculptors, assisted by four art students from the Guggenheim academy of art in Venice. From 21 May, the artists will be working daylight hours (08:30 - 18:30), completing the sculpting phase on 31, May 2018. The lighted sculptures may be viewed after dark until the end of the season next September.
  Admission to the park is free. The works will be on view as they are being created and on display until the end of the summer. The sand show is the anchor for various other entertainment provided by Jesolo Turismo in the park through the summer. Many thousands of visitors to the Jesolo lido will view the spectacle at Piazza Brescia, on Via Bafile.  We hope you can come out to see the works being created, in person. But if not, check the progress and see the finished works here online. You can also "Like" Sultans Of Sand Worldwide on Facebook, to keep up with past, present and future projects.
   Because it was so long ago, and for our purpose here, talking about time in geologic or even biological ways can only be in general frames of reference. The exact dates for sure, are unknown. But for a period of time of over 150 million years, paleontologists now believe that the species of animals known as dinosaurs roamed the earth as the dominant form of sentient life. That is a very long time, considering they also believe hominids of any kind or in any form, have only been around for maybe up to as much as 10 million years. Again, the exact times or even very close, are disputed. But most scientists agree the human animal of today’s modern culture (Homo Sapiens) is only about 0.2 million years old. So the dinosaurs had a pretty good run on the planet, comparatively.
  From the earlier time of the first dinosaurs to the extinction of the last ones, many varieties and species came into existence and also became extinct, through evolution in that great span of millions of years, just as other, different species of life comes and goes in and out of existence still today.

   Paleontologists also believe that as a result of the extinction of the dinosaurs over 65 million years ago, that fateful and eventually thorough occurrence is what gave rise to the opportunity for mammals - the classification of animals which human beings are in, to grow and thrive as they have since those prehistoric times.

  Today there remains  a vast fossil record of many varieties of dinosaurs, from which we are still making exciting discoveries and learning very much. Besides simple differences of some being small and others large, or slow as opposed to fast, we know that some were carnivores and other omnivores, and also some were only herbivores. Many were land-based only. Some could fly in the air as well, and others could survive only in the sea.

  The theme of Dinosaurs for this, our twenty first year of presenting the Jesolo International Sculture Di Sabbia event features only a few of the many different great creatures of those ancient epochs. In particular, probably the most famous of all, the great raptors, Tyrannosaurus Rex. In our show here, as the centerpiece, they are depicted as engaged in the harrowing drama of battle with one another.  Also you can see the more subdued and slower & more peaceful nature of the Stegosaurus and Ankylosaurus, among others.

  We hope as ever, you will enjoy the show, and share about the experience with us, and others, here at Piazza Brescia on the Jesolo Lido live and in person, or on the internet at the  or web sites, or on the Jesolo or Sultans Of Sand Facebook pages on social media. (Feel free to “Like,” comment and share)


Rich Varano

May 24, 2018

Another fine exhibition of world class sand sculpture.  
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