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"Go, And Do Likewise"

 December 08, 2017 - February 11, 2018

Jesolo Lido, Venice, Italy

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  Welcome to the Event Home Page for the 16th edition of the Jesolo Sand Nativity. The city of Jesolo in Venice county was the first in Italy to provide a large public nativity in sand, and is one of the oldest and finest such shows in the entire European theater, and perhaps indeed, all the world.
 From here you can see updated images, and get info about this fine sand sculpture show featuring some of the worlds best sand sculptors, as it develops.
   The theme of  the show this year is " Go, And Do Likewise"  Nine different original concepts by a team of 10 international master sand sculptors,
assisted by eight art students from the Guggenheim academy of art in Venice. From 23 November - 03 December.

  There are some parables from the bible, some Iconic biblical stories, a smattering of "Day in the Life" scenes, and of course the famous Nativity scene featuring the birth of Jesus.  
Mission Statement:    
 Because Jesolo is now recognized as the sand sculpture capitol of Italy, and also is well established as one of the premier “sand cities” in the entire world;  we, in our twentieth year overall of sand sculpture events here, find it is an occasion for the Sultans Of Sand Worldwide organization to be especially proud of being associated
 with this wonderful and generous community of Jesolo. Just as it always has been from the very start.

    It is worth noting that it is only possible to be this (very nice ) way, specifically because of the continuation of the city administration's dedication to excellence and most generous support of the event.
 in a way that not only encourages but ensures quality, from start to finish, and at all points in between. What the visitors of the shows see as the finished sculptures does not
 fully reflect all the support and work that contributes to the finished look of the show, by far more people working for the city in various departments than the ten to twelve artists
 involved at each edition. The Sultans Of Sand wishes to specifically and always remind the viewing public of this critical internal support, which is the basis for our being able to
do our small part in bringing these operas to the public. Especially because admission to both shows each year, are free of charge, combined with the (considerable) charitable giving  the city of Jesolo is able to do as a result of these fine events. 
   This result of values and quality, is evident in how well both the spring and winter events are attended by locals and visitors from near and far away.
  The collective of artists participating here, which largely enjoys repeated representation of some of the finest and most popular sand artists on the world tour,
(by far most of the team are returning veterans of the Jesolo sand events, with the occasional addition of one or two new-to-Jesolo artists) is also happy for the city administrator's choice of sub themes for both shows each year.
   In particular, we are grateful to the Jesolo producers for this year’s sub theme for the sand nativity of: “Empathy.” This theme is not only poignant, but for sure, it is particularly relevant today. But it does also provide new and exciting opportunities for the artists to render scenes that are fresh, interesting, and very fun & challenging to make.

   As a group, we hope you the viewing audience member will enjoy seeing the end results as much as we enjoy creating it for you.
  Thank you for attending this, the sixteenth edition of the Jesolo Sand Nativity.

   We remind you to visit us in Piazza Brescia next spring and summer, for the 21st edition of the Jesolo sand sculpture summer events, overall. The theme will be announced soon.

  We hope you can come out to see the works in person. But if not, check the progress and see the finished works here online.

This set of event pages is not complete yet. It is being updated as the show develops over the coming weeks. Please check back often. 

Click below to see a video of  one of the past editions of the nativity show, and stay tuned to see one of the current edition, after we complete the project!

Locations of the charities Jesolo contributes to.

 Thank you & see you in the sand,
 ~Rich Varano & the Sultans Of Sand Worldwide

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     In today’s busy and rapidly changing world, full of not only the ages-old routines of the typical hustle and bustle of daily life in raising a family, or making a living in the local community, we also now see and experience communications and physical interactions with other people around the world at amazingly high rates of speed that were never even imagined as a distant possibility in all the days before just a few short decades ago –or certainly a hundred years or so, ago.
    The modern era of technological advances, allows many of us, including young children to be in touch with not only a lot more people and entertainments, but also businesses and leadership, all the time in so many new ways, from simple email, text messaging and telephone contact with loved ones who are far away, to buying household goods and services online and having them delivered to our own front door, to contacting one’s political leaders so that one may lobby one’s respective ideas and desires and in some cases, even to vote.  All of these things are available to modern humans like never before in recorded history.
   Social media is the prime example of a current paradigm that never existed until recently, which has tremendous impact on the world we live in.  In good ways for sure, but also in other ways that are less than wonderful.

   So, not just in the social order, per se’ but in all things with such technological advancements, comes many opportunities for good things (Love) but as ever is the case with the dualistic nature of balance on this plane of existence we call life, it also leaves open the door for the less-good aspects of humanity (evil) to also grow and spread.

   It was one thing, when the world seemed like such a much bigger place with vast horizons, and resources that appeared to be in almost limitless supply. Especially in primitive times. It was natural for social groups to be leery of outsiders or opposing groups in competition for all the typical human needs. Isolationism, nationalism, borders, cultures and religions were developed to protect people from the influence of other people precisely because the world was so vast and maybe a little scary, that we did not want to lose our ways or identity to others who might overtake us by either cultural influence or military might. Understandably at those times, protectionist attitudes were a common/natural development and this has always continued over the millennia.

     Today, when some may argue that we should know better, especially given our incredible technological advances since the industrial revolution, our physical world has changed dramatically in just the past couple of hundred years. But our collective psychology has, unfortunately not kept pace so much, to say the very least.

   In the big picture, we were never all that great as a species, in getting along with one another on the macro level. We seem to do relatively well in various in-groups of relative size, especially at the familial level, and to a lesser degree in community and nationalistically. But the further away we get from the family circles, the more that fluid social dynamic breaks down.  Why is that, exactly? It is a question that bears asking…

   For all our advances, today a problem with social media is that we were not quite to a point of more well-rounded and balanced interactions on the macro level, before the advent of instant mass communications, and now we have this great “toy” of social media that we may, as yet, not be quite mature enough (as a species) to really benefit from proportionately, as much as it is lamentably so very effective in dividing people.

   In the past, nations were so separated from each other that boundaries were perceived as immutable and cultural differences were accepted as normal. But today these notions of dividing lines and cultural norms blur and vary, often and a lot. Sometimes from day to day.

    Without question, life has always been at times challenging and full of situations that invariably have led to conflicts big and small, & they can be both personal as well as on a national level. So it is understandable that social mores and conventions developed from the time of early community and social development contained or included some basic codes of ethics and morality. Many of the familiar foundational tenets of most religions share an overall commonality of the basic ideas of the “Golden Rule” of doing unto others as you would have done to you. And, just as is the case with similarities existing in numerous different creationism stories from diverse religions, some of the other stories of camaraderie and civility contain similar themes.

 Here, in this, the 16th annual edition of the Jesolo Sand Nativity, the sub theme of a few such stories popularly known in Christianity as “Parables” are included in the mix of sculptures to see, that remind us to not lose sight of ideas relevant to a common sense of a genteel way of being, or morality, & how to comport oneself in a world that is today both; full of challenges and rife with opportunities.
  With these reminders of ancient guides which are as true today as they ever have been, it is hoped humanity can cooperate well, -or at least get along, from the perspective of the individual. By doing so, we can as individuals begin to be the change in the world that we would like, -or hope, to see. An age old ambition, and perhaps a lofty one. But it is ambition, none the less.  Where there is the will, there is a way. And as we know, where there is Life, there is also Hope. 

But really, to quote the song title and lyric by the Beatles, “All You Need Is Love”

 All You Need Is Love


Peace, Love & Happiness
Rich Varano
Artistic Director
Sultans Of Sand Worldwide