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"Exoduses in the Bible - When A Man Leaves His Land"
 December 08 - February 12, 2017

Jesolo Lido, Venice, Italy

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  Welcome to the Event Home Page for the 15th edition of the Jesolo Sand Nativity. The city of Jesolo was the first in Italy to provide a large public nativity in sand, and is one of the oldest and finest such shows in the entire European theater, and indeed, all the world.
 From here you can see updated images, and get info about this fine sand sculpture show featuring some of the worlds best sand sculptors, as it develops.
   The theme of  the show this year is " EXODUS AND EXODUSES IN THE BIBLE -When A Man Leaves His Land"  Nine different original concepts by a team of 10 international master sand sculptors, assisted by six art students from the Guggenheim academy of art in Venice. From 22 November - 02 December.
Mission Statement:    
 Because Jesolo is now recognized as the sand sculpture capitol of Italy, and also is well established as one of the premier “sand cities” in the entire world; and on the eve of its twentieth birthday of sand sculpture events (next spring) it is an occasion for the Sultans Of Sand Worldwide organization to be especially proud of being associated with this wonderful and generous community of Jesolo. Just as it always has been from the very start.
    It is worth noting that it is only this (very nice ) way, specifically because of the continuation of the city administration's dedication to excellence and support of the event in a way that not only encourages but ensures quality, from start to finish, and at all points in between. What the visitors of the shows see as the finished sculptures does not fully reflect all the support and work that contributes to the finished look of the show, by far more people working for the city in various departments than the ten to twelve artists involved at each edition. The Sultans Of Sand wishes to specifically and always remind the viewing public of this critical internal support, which is the basis for our being able to do our small part in bringing these operas to the public. Especially because admission to both shows each year, are free of charge, combined with the (considerable) charitable giving the city of Jesolo is able to do as a result of these fine events. 
   This result of values and quality, is evident in how well both the spring and winter events are attended by locals and visitors from near and far away.
  The collective of artists participating here, which largely enjoys repeated representation of some of the finest and most popular sand artists on the world tour, (by far most of the team are returning veterans of the Jesolo sand events, with the occasional addition of one or two new-to-Jesolo artists) is also happy for the city administrator's choice of sub themes for both shows each year.
  In particular, we are grateful to the Jesolo producers for this year’s sub theme for the sand nativity of: “Migration.” This theme is not only poignant, but for sure, it is particularly relevant today. But it does also provide new and exciting opportunities for the artists to render scenes that are fresh, interesting, and very fun & challenging to make.
  As a group, we hope you the viewing audience member will enjoy seeing the end results as much as we enjoy creating it for you.
  Thank you for attending this, the fifteenth edition of the Jesolo Sand Nativity; and we remind you to visit us in Piazza Brescia next spring, for the 20th birthday celebration of the Jesolo sand sculpture events overall. The theme will be announced soon.
 We hope you can come out to see the works in person. But if not, check the progress and see the finished works here online.

This set of event pages is being updated as the show develops over the coming weeks. Please check back often. 

Click below to see a video of last year's show, and stay tuned to see one of thie current edition, after we complete the project!

 Thank you & see you in the sand,
 ~Rich Varano & the Sultans Of Sand Worldwide

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Another fine exhibition of world class sand sculpture.  
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