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Jesolo Sand Nativity 2015
  The 14th edition of a wonderful sand opera celebrating the birth of Jesus. The show is produced by the coastal community
of Jesolo, Venice Italy. The city has become known for providing some of the finest sand sculpture shows ever.
11 international sand carvers and 1 scenic painter, assisted by 6 students from the Guggenheim Academy of Art in Venice
have created
an elegant display depicting the iconic Nativity scene as well as a series of sculptures depicting

 "The 14 Corporal and Spiritual Acts of Mercy"
 Based on the Jubilee of Pope Francis,
"The Year of Mercy" which  opens at the Vatican on December 08, 2015.
 The show was begun on November 11, 2015 at Piazza Marconi on the Jesolo Lido.
It will be open to the public daily from December 08,  through January 31, 2016
 As always, admission is free. 
For more information, please visit the event web site of the city of Jesolo.
The portrait sculpture of a bringer of peace this year is of Pope Francis.
On Christmas Day, two carvers will create a special sculpture of Jesus, Joseph & Mary,
live, outside the entrance to the show,
for Italian national TV.

  Prior to this year, both of the annual  Jesolo sand events; a summer show  of various themes for the past 18 years,
& the winter show always of the Nativity for the past 14 years) have raised over a half a million dollars for a variety of charities.
  A recipient this year will be the Nepal Disaster Relief Fund.
   Mercy will always be greater than any sin, and no one can place limits on the love of God who is ever ready to forgive.
                                 - Pope Francis

 Pope Francis has declared this Jubilee to be the “Year of Mercy.”
   He calls upon the faithful to be mindful of having thoughts and doing deeds in their day to day lives that will manifest as simple acts of human kindness,
 with Love and devotion to all in need.
 This, in the spirit of pure Love and forgiveness that is Jesus Christ.
 In this way, the devoted may become even stronger in their faith, and closer to God the Father,
and help to bring about a more peaceful and harmonious way of being for all people.
 Obviously this is a most wonderful sentiment in any moment, but one that is especially relevant for us all to
 put into practice especially in light of the sometimes trying times of this modern day world.
  The very first papal Jubilee was enacted in the year 1300, but this is the first one since the year 2000.
 It officially starts on the opening of the Christmas season, December 08, 2015. A date the Pope feels is significant,
because he will re-open the Holy Door of the Cathedral of Rome (The Basilica of Saint John Lateran) on that day,
which is the fiftieth anniversary of the closing of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council. And He feels it is most important for the church to keep this event alive.

  In honor of this Jubilee, we celebrate the theme for the 14th annual Jesolo Sand Nativity by depicting the “Fourteen Acts of Mercy”
 The artists will render the seven corporal (of the body) acts of mercy, and the seven spiritual acts of mercy (of the mind).
As well as a portrait sculpture of Pope Francis, and the iconic sculpture of the moments surrounding the Birth of Jesus.
  Speaking on behalf of all the artists, student assistants and city workers involved,
 I am confident in saying it is always a pleasure to develop the Sand Nativity for the producers of this fine show, -the city of Jesolo.
But this year in particular it is also a distinct and special honor to share in their vision for expressing such a solemn and worthy message.
We all, thank you for visiting, and we hope you will enjoy the show live and in person, or here on the Interewbs

                                             ~Rich Varano
                                               Artistic director

 Another fine exhibition of world class sand sculpture.
  Designed & directed by Varano Sand Sculpture Company  LLC


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