Castelli Di Mare 2000
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An Open letter to the editor.



   Having been involved in sand sculpting competitions since 1971, and having directed the first of many pro/am sand sculpture competitions way back in 1989, I can freely state that having seen Castelli di Mare here in Jesolo from the very first year, and from both sides of the fence, -being involved first as a competitor, and now as the director of the event, I can say most certainly that this event has developed into a jewel in the crown of world class sand sculpting events around the globe. The excellent sand on the wide, clean beach, the pleasant weather, the appreciative crowds, and most importantly, the dedication of the show producer- Comune Di Jesolo et all, together combine as elements that are the benchmark for the most successful events of this kind.
   High caliber sand sculpture events are here to stay and Jesolo is marked to become THE spot in Italy, -if not all of Europe, to be known as the place to be, to see the very best of the best in sand sculpture today.

  The event this year was a great success, and I am delighted to report that the sculptors involved in both the professional and amateur divisions all had a good time and enjoyed themselves quite considerably.

  It is my further feeling that due to the dedication and enthusiasm of the locals involved and the genuine warmth and appreciation of the event by the tourists that visit Jesolo and view the delicate art in sand, that the event will jump up even more so in just the very next year. All may expect an even greater event in scope (more pros competing) and a true festival atmosphere as well, with music and ancillary activities at the event site: - Casa Bianca.

  Being that both the sport and industry of state of the art sand sculpting has enjoyed a burgeoning growth spurt in the last decade, (over a dozen world class events have sprung up internationally in just the last three years) and with the good will of the Jesolo area at large, and the specific dedication of the current administration of the city, It pleases me, as a person who has made a living in sand for over thirteen years, that Castelli Di Mare, and the City of Jesolo are coming into their own to be regarded as one of the finest events of this kind in Europe and around the globe, but most assuredly Castelli Di Mare is THE greatest show of its kind in Italy. Jesolo was the first city in Italy to showcase this type of event.

  In closing I wish to express thanks for the hard work of all the support personnel involved in facilitating the event: The eight internationally renowned pro sand sculptors; The families that participated in the amateur division; The viewing public that turned out to see the event; and most especially the sponsors Commune Di Jesolo and the Mayor Mr. Renalto Martin; and the show producers, Mr. Massimo Ambrosin and Mr. Francesco Calzavara.
Plans are now being made for next years event that are sure to include all that was good with this years' event and even more. Be sure to look for it next June, 2001 !

Thank You Jesolo! Goodnight!

Rich Varano / Sultans of Sand. Worldwide Sand Sculpture Services
Director: Castelli Di Mare

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