The City of Jesolo in Venice County Italy
~~ Proudly Presents ~~

The 4th edition of an International Invitational
Master Sand Sculpture Exhibition and Competition.
June 1-21, 2001

Other Promotional sculptures
Various Artisans attending CDM 2001
Each year we feature sand sculptures at various locations around the area away from the event site for more publicity and advertising /promotion. Some are at regular locations each year, and some are in brand new places. Some sculptors also invariably create unscheduled sculptures which still garner much attention and serve very well the purpose of promoting CDM. We thank all the artists for their hard work and enthusiasm, even when they are just dabbling in the sand "at play".
If you would like to have a sculpture created at your venue, please contact us.

The first promo piece created this this year, was a bas relief rendering in sand of the famous Italian icon that is the Photo of Gino Bartali and Fausto Coppi. The promotional work was for the launch of the 84th Giro D' Italia. Bicycle race. This leg of the race started at this location on the Lido. ( Pala Turismo, at Piazza Brescia).

Sergi Ramirez adds a Fairy to the Castle sculpture that was created by Bill Dow, at the Picci roundabout outside of town. Thousands of cars pass by this display each day. All of the relative event info is on a big billboard here at this location as well .
One of the more popular sculptors anywhere he goes, Dan Doubleday, -who just makes friends easily,  is a hit at the Hotel Corallo where the group stays during the show, with his own brand of classes & workshops and of course his great demo sculptures.

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