Sultans Of Sand Worldwide:    Ancient Egypt     Jesolo 2004      FLOOR PLAN

Below are the sketches and links to some visual reference materials on the web. Surf these and print out anything you think might be useful.   There will be some  materials available when you arrive too. Use your browser's  "BACK" button to return to this page.

The carving times are only estimates. I may (will probably) move you around to work on other sculptures as needed.  Let me know if you have questions or concerns about what you are carving. I will be floating to help on all sculptures as needed.

Position             Sculpture         Est. Carve days              Carver Reference on the web
A.) &  B.)         Sphinx (two identical)   2.5 each.                           Katsu SPHINXES
C.)   ( Front)     Chariot  2.25                                   Alex EGYPTIAN CHARIOTS
C.)    (Back)    Crocodile  2.50 -3.0                            Radek CROCODILES
D.)                  Plowing    P2  2.5 -3.0                              Sergi EGYPTIAN PLOW
E.)                   Boat front  2.0                                     Mark EGYPTIAN BOATS
F.)                    Boat rear 2.5                                     Mark MORE BOATS
G.)    (1)            Bricks  1.5 - 2.0                             Katsu BRICK MAKING
G.)    (2)          Pottery  1.5 - 2.0                             Katsu POTTERS
H.); I); J); K)   Bathers* 0.75 each                     Radek / Sergi SWIM IN WATER
L.)                 Water girl(s)   1.0 (each)                         Damon RETRIEVING WATER
M.)                   Dancers 6.0 -7.0                         Sergi  / Radek DANCERS
N.)   (2)             Column 0.5 each                        TBA as available. COLUMNS
O.)                        Scribe   1.5                                    Vladimir SCRIBES    2     3
P.)                  Royal court 6.0 -7.0                             Vladimir EGYPTIAN COURT    
Q.) (exterior)  Tomb wall                       1.25                                    Lars HIEROGLYPHS
R.) (exterior)  Tomb Wall                      1.25                                    Lars CARTOUCHES
S.)                Interior tomb                    6.0                                      Lars TOMB TREASURE
T.)              Archeologists                 2.5 -3.0                             Damon          ARCHAEOLOGISTS
U.)              Colossus                           3.0                                Mark / John COLOSSI
V.)              Colossus                          3.0                                Mark / John COLOSSUS     
W.)         Procession      6.0 -7.0                   Damon /All as needed PROCESSION
W.)          Sphinx carvers                6.00 -7.0                  John / All as needed SPHINX

   There will be some printed matter and Italian library books available at the show. but please feel free to collect and bring  your own visual references too, if you want.

* No drawings for these partial bodies in the river. They will be made from one plastic form -or from soft sculpture


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