A sand sculpture exhibition  by Sultans Of Sand Worldwide for the city of Jesolo, (Venice) Italy.

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Crew of Carvers
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Mark Anderson
Lars Borst
Katsuhiku Chaen
Alexiea Diakov
Damon Farmer
John Gowdy
Vladimir Kuraev
Sergio Ramirez
Rich Varano
Radek Zivny
The Helpers

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aethecrew01.jpg (49337 bytes) The 2004 Sultans Of Sand Carving Crew

   This year as usual, the troupe of sculptors that is hand selected by the event director include  award winning Master Sand Sculptors from around the globe. Listed in alphabetical order they are: 

 aeccma.jpg (59216 bytes) Mark Anderson of the United Kingdom. Arguably that countries finest sand sculptor. He is also one of the three field engineers for pre show pound-ups

aelars07.jpg (39511 bytes) Lars Borst, a brilliant Dutch carver of high renown. Very able and a lot of fun to be around. He is the only FNG on this years roster.

aekatsu002.jpg (32630 bytes) Katsuhihu Chaen of Japan. A quiet and humble man with a large stock of talent.

aeccad.jpg (63274 bytes) Alexie Diakov. One third of the New Russian Syndicate, he is one of the industries up and coming hot young guns.

aeccdf02.jpg (72481 bytes) Damon Farmer, USA. The one person most responsible for the overall look and feel of the show by virtue of his position as Chief Conceptual Designer.

aeccjg.jpg (42785 bytes) John Gowdy also of the USA makes his fifth showing in Italy,  and is also one of the field engineers for pre show pound-ups.

aeccvk.jpg (46523 bytes) Vladimir Kuraev is the leader of the New Russian Syndicate and a professor of art at Moscow University. He brought his family along with him.

aeccsr.jpg (43805 bytes) Sergi Ramirez of Spain is probably the fastest carver on the crew. From a strong background in soft sculpture sketching, he has more work represented around the show than anyone else.

 aeccrv.jpg (56024 bytes) Rich Varano (yours truly) USA, is the event director and owner of the company:  Sultans Of Sand Worldwide. He is the third field engineer and is happy to say that all the carvers he works with are friends as well as associates.

aeccrz.jpg (47926 bytes) Radek Zivney of the Czech Republic is also one of the fastest carvers and most luminous stars in terms of raw talent working in sand today. His future is very bright.

aeraggatzi.jpg (38017 bytes) Four of the six art student helpers from the Academy of Art in Venice.



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