These are the dimensions of the poundups They will be created before you arrive in Jesolo.  newplanview2.jpg (57465 bytes)

Note there are THREE poundups in the tent. newfloor2.jpg (78496 bytes)

Two of identical size for the Nativity and the Town/Shepherds and one for the Beslan Memorial Sculpture.

The TOWN and the SHEPHERDS sculptures are back to back on the same poundup, and the artists on this poundup will have to woirk together to take the forms off in a way that works for everyone.

The Scale for all the figures should be only life size at the most, and no bigger than life size. The pound ups are not so big, but I want the sculptures to be very busy looking by special request. A lot of stuff going on in each one. (exception is the Beslan Sculpture. This can be as simple or complicated as the Russians desire)

The Sultans Of Sand crew for this years Nativity Show is as follows:

Damon and John - The Nativity Scene. Lots of figures and cutaway architecture. 

Alexi, Pavel and Vladimir - The Town Scene. Many different figures such as from a day in the life on a street in Bethlehem across from the Nativity. A butcher, a baker a candlestick maker, etc

Sergi and Lars - The Shepherds Scene.  Figures of shepherds and lots of sheep.  (Optionally, this scene can also include the wise men on camels if the artists want)

The Beslan Memorial Sculpture Scene will be designed and carved by the three Russians and they will carve it at the same time as doing the town scene. There will be a Russian school teacher from Beslan at the inauguration for the commemoration ceremony of this piece. This means that the Russians will work on two poundups all at the same time.  They will also have free design on the Beslan sculpture, but the final approval of the design is up to Massimo.

Please bring your Sultans of Sand shirts for pictures, and please do not wear anything that identifies any other sand events or sand companies at anytime while working on this job. We will be working eight hours per day, with a break in the middle for lunch.

Here are some images of the style of clothing,  and the type of work (busy sculptures), that I would like to see. Reference Art Gallery


You may also see reference art for other Ideas here