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pigs at market  
"The Market at Castle Louvenstien"  (a montage) by Rich Varano
At the Castle grounds in  Hoensbroek in Holland. Jun 12, 2010

My sculpture in the WSSA Hoensbroek Sand Sculpture show. The theme is " MEDIEVAL TIMES'
 My sculpture was a particular castle in Holland (Louvenstein Castle) in the background and part of the market scene. My friend and colleague Brad Goll did the rest of the market scene not pictured here. The sculpture is a montage, hence the scale difference between the architecture and the rest.
 See another angle featuring Brad's work also, here.
market scene

Another image from this show which featured 200 tons and 30 international master carvers, (10 carving days) was this one done by my good friend an colleague Radek Zivney from the Czech Republic Title: Witch Burning

The castle our show is on the grounds of (Castle Hoensbroek) is in the background)
witches burning

And two more shots of pieces by Susanne Rueseler... Playing Coy at the Ball
coy at the ball  dancers

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