The Nativity
Jesolo, Venice, Italy, 2007

This info was posted November 16, 2007 and will be updated as the project develops.
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Hello gang,
 Thanks for signing on for another great Sultans Of Sand gig in Jesolo, Italy.

  By now you all should have your travel arrangements made. Please be in touch ASAP if there are still any travel concerns.
Please remember all travel expenses you want reimbursed, must have appropriate documentation.

Below is the list of artists with their work assignments.
 As discussed, Of the nine other artists I have engaged for this crew, eight artists will each work alone on one of eight different sides of a six meter tall (octagonal) poundup. (See the poundup specs here)

 Each artist works alone on their scene. The scenes will not be tied together. They will be separated by a line of demarcation from the top of the sculpture to the bottom.  A small rounded shape will be made at each "corner". That will effectively separate each scene from the next one, Effectively "framing" one scene apart from the next.
The scale of the figures may be different from one scene to the next.
The figures of Mary and Joseph will be repeated often, and may look different (and be in different scale) from other Marys & Josephs carved by other artists in other scenes. That is perfectly OK. This will make for a diverse show, featuring the styles of the various artists.
 The sculptures are made in realism style and the "illustration" way of sculpting, that we have always asked for here in Jesolo.
 No stylized, or abstracted work. Do not use a lot of symbolism.
  We would still like the scenes to be as full as possible, and the more figures in each one the better (within reason). I prefer better quality of carving and less elements or a good balance between high quality carving and overall volume of elements in each scene.

With eight artists working on one poundup in the round, but on different scenes, & from the top down, it will be a challenge when taking off all of the forms as you make progress from the top, down to the bottom of the sculpture.
 Remember: we will not remove the very bottom form. It will remain on. The bottom form level will be the pedestal for the entire sculpture. All scenes will be on top of this pedestal. No carving will be done below the top of the bottom form. So, do not plan to use the sand that has been carved off & falls onto the floor in front of the bottom form. We need the floor space right up to the bottom form for decorating, etc.

 High relief sculpting is the way we will develop the art. This sculpture is to remain standing for a period of weeks, so please do not push the technical limits of the sand in terms of stability and/or possible collapses.
 Plan for the poundup to be six meters tall (the sculpture will be 5.5 meters tall)

Please do a sketch of your design based on the subject I assigned to you to fit the poundup configuration shown in this plan

 Send me your sketches as soon as possible, PLEASE.
 Bring your Sultans Of Sand  shirts with you to wear in the tent.
 Each artist must do their own research and provide their own reference materials.
 I will not have such materials available for you on site.

 If anyone has any questions please contact me as soon as possible.

1.) The Birth Of Jesus - Luke 2:6-7 & 2:11-14.  by Lars Borst, The Hague, Holland

2.) The Annunciation  - Luke 1: 30.  by Damon Farmer, Kentucky, USA

3.) The Magi - Matthew -  2:9-11.  by Radek Zivney, Czech Republic

4.) The Angel In Joseph's Dream - Matthew 1:20.  by Mark Anderson. Weymouth, United Kingdom

5.) No Room At The Inn -  by Vladimir Kuraev, Moscow, Russia

6.) Journey To Bethlehem - Luke 2:1 & 2: 3-5.  by Alexey Dyakov, Moscow, Russia

7.) The Visitation - Luke 1:30.  by Dan Belcher, Missouri, USA

8.) The Angel & the Shepherds - Luke 2: 8-10.  by Karen Fralich, Toronto, Canada

9.) The Peace keepers II  "Mahatma Gandhi" -  by Pavel Zadanyuk, Moscow, Russia

10.) Fantasy Sand Castle  - by Rich Varano, Florida, USA

The projected poundup is an eight sided shape with 5.5 meters tall area for carving. (the bottom form makes it 6 meters tall, but you don't carve the bottom form)
   At each "corner" angle, you and your neighbor will make a basic rounded edge  -like a coping or molding,  to be a distinct an obvious border between each scene. All the way from the top of the sculpture, to the bottom. These border shapes will be simplistic, and be identical for all scenes.
We will go over this on site before we start carving.
-But contact me if you have any questions so you can get your sketch in to me -AS Soon As Possible.
(click on image for a larger view)

We will once again be staying at the Hotel Centrale right across from the work site. Work schedule is from 8 in the morning until noon, a break for lunch until 1PM stop work at 5pm. Contact Massimo by phone if you have any problems while travelling: + 39 329 210 5506


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