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   Petite Sand Sculptures (made from just one ton of sand!)
Tabletop Sand Sculptures
(made from just a half ton of sand!)
Perfect when (and where) time, floor space or your budget is limited!

Other various sized sand sculptures Made from buckets -up to thousands of tons

Photo Galleries
    See examples of work in this captivating and delicate medium.
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   The uses for this type of entertaining art are only limited by your imagination.
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   The links in this section lead to dozens of awesome events. All are produced, directed, consulted on, participated in, or otherwise sanctioned by the Sultans of Sand.

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African Bedouins

Rich Varano's Spring Tour 2010
( Japan, Russia, Austria, Italy, Holland )

 Links to 17 different high quality sand sculpture shows spanning the last decade and a half.
Various themes from Ancient Egypt to Camelot.  Alice in Wonderland to Ancient Rome.  Fairy Tales to Hollywood!
    A 'Jewel In The Crown' of the Professional Sand Sculpting World Tour.
Masters sand sculptors from all over the globe participate in this event.

This is arguably one of the finest annual shows of its kind being presented in the world today.


The sister show to the Jesolo International Sand Sculpture Festival.
Links to 13
  sand sculpture exhibitions spanning the last 13  years.

It's the story of the birth of Jesus Christ, rendered in the captivating and delicate medium of sand sculpture! 

A festival that features the classic architecture of old Gdansk

Arts, music and food festival in Western New York State
An arts, music and food festival in Totori Japan 

A mega arts, music and food festival in Totori Japan
The Sand Museum "Africa" 
Searching for Livingston

   This sand sculpture exhibition/competition is directed by the Sultans of Sand,
 was the progenitor of all the major New England sand shows being done today.

It featured six international professionals in a Masters Class. This show was located adjacent to
the World Trade Center Boston, right on the waters edge.

 This event features professionals in a Masters Class, as well as Family/ Amateur divisions.  updated event info
This show is held annually in Fort Myers Beach Florida the first full weekend in November. See past years photos

A true wonder of an event. Heart and soul galore for this, a true gem of sand events worldwide.
Weeks of prep by an army of volunteers for a five day (gated) show in this quaint and scenic city,
situated in the southern mountains on the east China Sea.

The first and  only event of this kind in Puerto Rico.  (Use your browser "Back" button to return here)

  A fun time for the entire family. Held in conjunction with Schooners Annual Lobster Festival each September.
At Panama City Beach.

The first and  only event of this kind in Peru. Amateur division sand sculpture contests, and large scale demos by the Masters.

The first and second years of this international masters event.
  First class entertainment at this newly opened city square in downtown Milan, Italy.

A first class sand sculpture park situated along the North Sea.

An International yet intimate show of high caliber

Another great project by friend & associate Damon Farmer of Shadetree Studio

  World Championships / Tournament Of Champions

   Competitions for the ultimate in bragging rights... World Championships & World Grand Masters Championships

Miscellaneous Jobs and Events
A tiny selection of things we've done at various locations for assorted applications.

Click here If you would like to be involved in facilitating or administering a sand sculpture event of any kind...
Commissioned exhibition special event displays or contests, on any level of involvement. 

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Other related Sand offerings, including some links to other sand folk and events.
If you can't find it on our pages,  Just ask.  Even if you do not hire us,  we're open to promoting good sand sculpture everywhere.

Sand Castle Composite Photos
 Some images of sand castles superimposed on scenic backgrounds

The Online Shop

   Your one-stop shop for all sorts of Sand Sculpture services,  goods and products. 

Commentary and Editorials
 Different ideas on various sand related subjects. Contribute if you like. 

Something fun to while away the time waiting for the printer or a download. Great for kids of all ages 

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